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Group meetings are held at various venues, ranging from booked rooms, to Group Leaders homes. Unless otherwise stated, each group is administered by Pocklington & District U3A.

Groups are self-help and self-supporting and any expenses are covered by that Group. At present (Aug 2016) there are 76 active Interest Groups, so working on the principle that no qualifications are needed to join the U3A and none are given, there is scope for anyone to attend any Group on any subject he or she wants to have a go at.  So, take a look at the Groups we have up and running at present, see if there is anything you fancy, and, if you are not already member follow the link on "How to join us".  Conversely, if you want to learn about something which doesn’t appear as an Interest Group at present, talk to a Committee Member and maybe someone else has shown interest in that subject.

A number of our groups may not be able to accept new members due to the optimum size of a group for that particular topic or to the limitations of space in the venue, particularly in people's houses.

If a group proves unable to take any new members, please ask the Group Leader to keep a note of your name for future opportunities.  It is equally important to advise the Vice-Chair that you have been unable to join a specific group but that you would be interested in joining a second group on that topic. This way we can quantify where there are unmet interests.

We are very happy to support and help with the set-up of new groups to accommodate members' interests but this is only possible if we have a member who is willing to start and lead such a group. If you are willing to assist with the running of a group, set up a parallel group in the same discipline or set up a group on a new topic - please do talk to a member of our committee. Our groups meet on a variety of schedules. The list below gives the group names and the pattern of meetings. Click on a group name to learn more or to get in touch with the group leader.




January Drop-in Session

U3A Drop-In sessions are held on the first THURSDAY of each month, between 10 am and ...

Burnby Hall Community Centre - The Balk, Pocklington
10:00 am to 12:00 am



“The Musical Delights of Vienna”

We are pleased to advise you of two delightful concerts in Harrogate over the first weekend of the N...

Royal Hall - Harrogate
7:30 pm to 10:30 pm



“The Great British Song Book Concert”

We are pleased to advise you of two delightful concerts in Harrogate over the first weekend of the N...

The Crown Hotel - Harrogate
2:30 pm to 5:30 pm



Trip - Marks & Spencer Archives

Day trip to Marks & Spencer Archives, University of Leeds, (With Driffield U3A) 9.30am - Pick...

Contact Group Leader for detail
9:30 am to 4:00 pm


First Aid Awareness

First Aid Awareness

First Aid Awareness: New date released! 3rd May 2018 If you are interested in attending 1...

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U3A Volunteers required

U3A Volunteers required

Calling all U3A Members! We're seeking members who would be happy to volunteer to support our...

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